Questions about International Divorces

How can I be sure that the divorce will be valid in my home country?

A large part of the kit is devoted to answering this question. It is quite a complex legal issue that cannot be answered in a few paragraphs, especially because this is a worldwide website. Our team have devoted many hours to legal research in different countries.

"Offshore" divorce is perfectly legal and valid. Whether it is accepted where you live really depends on whether anyone disputes it in court. 99.9% of divorces are never disputed. The only person who is likely to dispute your divorce would be your spouse. Most people obtain their spouse's written consent and then the spouse is precluded from disputing it later by the legal principle of estoppel. In the case of unilateral divorce (where only one spouse participates), the issue becomes more complicated but still there are many legal tactics whereby you can successfully protect yourself.

In the USA, many states (for example New York) specifically accept international divorces. Courts in most others accept them on a case-by-case basis under the principle of comity. The Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration are other departments that specifically accept and recognize international divorces. The State Department authorizes and requires US consulates abroad to legalize foreign divorce decrees by granting "full faith and credit" to the signatures of foreign courts. Such legalizations are issued routinely in the case of the Caribbean divorces described in The International Express Divorce Kit. Celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Diana Ross who can afford the very best lawyers in the USA have specifically opted for this type of international divorce.

All these legal concepts are explained in the kit in more depth and backed up by copies of specific laws, regulations and cases. We also include specific legal information on acceptance in England and Wales, Ireland and the Philippines, and general information on other countries.

Of course, in some countries (such as very religious countries) divorce decrees may not be recognized. We cannot make any guarantees as to acceptance of foreign divorce decrees in specific countries, but in the vast majority of cases it is absolutely no problem and nothing to worry about.

The bottom line is that for a fuller, more detailed answer to this question, and to reassure yourself, you should read The International Express Divorce Kit. If after reviewing it you feel for any reason that you did not obtain good value for money, you may request a full refund.

What documents do I need for an international divorce?

You will typically need:

A valid passport
Marriage certificate
Birth certificate of any children born in the marriage
Information form

These documents may need to be legalized by the foreign consulate responsible for the place where you live. This is a routine procedure which can often be carried out by mail. You may also require the services of a local notary public.

If you do not have a passport, in some cases (but not all) alternative ID documents might be acceptable. However, it is advisable to apply for a passport anyway.

What is the typical cost of an international divorce?

The typical cost of an international divorce is between US$ 2,500 and US$ 5,000 depending on how complex the matter is. This is a global figure including legal fees, court fees. However it is only an estimate. The actual cost in your case could be higher or lower. In particular, it is possible to do it much cheaper if you don't hire a lawyer. But the cost in time, travel and complcations means for most people it is preferable to hire a lawyer.

Do foreign courts rule on child custody agreements and financial settlements?

No, as a general rule they concentrate only on the divorce itself. The purpose of this is to restore your legal status as a single person. This allows you to do carry on with your personal and professional life. You can choose to remarry, to submit tax returns and claim allowances, carry on businesses or start new ones etc etc just as a single person would, without worrying about your spouse.

Financial and custody settlements in the form of a Post Nuptial Agreement can be incorported into an international divorce. The International Express Divorce Kit includes examples of such agreements drafted by lawyers that you can use in your own situation.

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse, then such matters will continue to be heard by your local courts. This can take many months or years. The good thing is that an offshore divorce allows you to be divorced and remarried without having to wait for the termination of these court hearings.

Is an offshore divorce useful for asset protection purposes?

On the surface, no. However, scratching below the surface, there are some hidden advantages especially if you are living or doing business in a country which is different from where you formerly lived with your spouse. Your ex-spouse will not be able to attach assets like properties, bank acounts etc purchased or opened after the divorce decree has been obtained. For further information on protecting your assets, we recommend you read Bye Bye Big Brother from Global Liberty Publishing.

Am I legally obliged to register my divorce anywhere?

Your foreign divorce will only be registered and recorded in the place where it was issued. There is no obligation to inform anyone else about it. Most people choose to inform others, but some people prefer to keep it quiet and that is their decision and legal right.

Is an offshore divorce useful for asset protection purposes?

Bye Bye Big Brother


Questions about Ordering, Payment and Delivery

What exactly will I obtain for my $27?

You will obtain a 119 page eBook (digital download) called The International Express Divorce Kit. After your order and payment are processed you will normally receive a link in your email to download the kit within a few minutes. Occasionally, in the event of technical problems or additional credit card verification, delivery may be delayed by 24-48 hours.

The kit contains full details of all the information mentioned on this website, together with appendices including forms, examples, and copies of relevant laws. You will be able to read the kit on your computer and, if you have access to a printer, you can print either the whole kit to read at your leisure, or the pages you are interested in.

Please note that you are purchasing only the eBook. We are a publishing company, not a law firm, so we are not permitted under any circumstances to give individual advice on your situation or to answer additional questions on foreign divorces.

In what format is the file download?

The file is available for download in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open and view it. This is already installed on most computers, but if you do not have it you can download it for free by following this link: Adobe Acrobat Reader download. In the unlikely event you experience any problems in downloading or viewing The International Express Divorce Kit we will be pleased to provide prompt support by email or telephone.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can order online using your major credit card from our authorized reseller, or you may choose to use Paypal or e-gold. We currently cannot accept other payment methods for the downloadable kit at this website. You can however purchase a hard copy version of the kit from Eden Press or Global Liberty Bookstore. Other payment methods such as money orders are accepted by these retailers.
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If I am not satisfied, will you refund my money?

Yes, we do offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction or your money back. If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us using the contact form on the site, quoting your order number, and we will arrange to refund your money. We cannot be fairer than that.

Are credit card transactions secure?

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